Burgers & Chicken sandwiches
Mind Blowing
Mac N Cheese
To Die For
Pulled Pork
Split & Grilled
Top Secret Fries
Hand-made Potato chips
Chilibomb Shouts
About Chilibomb
We at CHILIBOMB are obsessed with comfort food especially, BURGERS & Mac N Cheese. We are so dedicated to ULTIMATE DELICIOUSNESS.
At CHILIBOMB our hand-made burgers are made in house each day. We pride ourselves on serving only Black Angus Ground Chuck always fresh and never frozen. Our Mac N Cheese is made from the sharpest cheeses and is Creamiest Dreamiest Cheesiest Mac N Cheese to die for! Our TOP SECRET Fries are Voted #1 in Fairfield County. They are fresh hand-cut crispy on the outside and creamy on the inside. We also have the Crispiest, Crunchiest, Perfect Hand Made Potato Chips
“Some say its overkill, but we like to think it is a true devotion to ULTIMATE DELICIOUSNESS. Our Mission is simple “Keeping Delicious Alive”. We know that once you try our ULTIMATE DELICIOUSNESS you won’t be able to stop yourself coming to CHILIBOMB.”
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