Burger Sliders, Mac & Cheese and Baked Potato Bars Start your party off with an instant hit!”

How about a non-traditional, fun menu for your next catering event? All of our deliciousness can be served as a la carte trays or build your own serving stations. CHILIBOMB will add a new twist on everyone's favorite classics that are a fun, interactive service option for your guests.

Cheese Burger Sliders, Pulled Pork Sliders, Veggie Burger Sliders, Buffalo Chicken Sliders or Mac & Cheese to die for comes in 12 delicious flavors. Our Baked Potato Bars come fully loaded with all the toppings you can imagine.

You want it, we can do it. Just let us know what you are thinking and we will make it happen. Remember it's your party, and no matter the size or style, you can depend on CHILIBOMB Catering to create a delicious, festive atmosphere that will make you a proud host or hostess.

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